VoVo is a pop up house for Traveling Artists and a temporary lab, adaptable to the creativity of every single artists. It’s a Stage for Art and an intimate space for Creativity.

VoVo is designed as a Gridshell in bamboo, which is an adaptable and elastic material. The external Structure contains a reserved Space dedicated to its temporary Inhabitant. An Object designed to protect from and to connect with the surrounding Space, at the same time > Take a look on our video about VoVo’s first construction.


Download the VoVo.Kit and make it in your own B&A


VoVo is a sharing design Object and it’s available to the community of B&A. The project will change and take different configurations, materials and structural solutions, in a process of shared Knowledge.

Would you like to build and develop VoVo? Contact us to share your experience on the B&A website.

*VoVo means egg in venetian dialect.