Bed&Art was born as an idea/reaction to the abandonment of large part of the historic centers of the cities where we work and live. Thanks to the energies and skills of a small community, we made a new project focused on the idea of integration between young traveling artists and the local communities.

In November of 2013 B& is selected to participate to AFSNIT I in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen, Denmark. A festival of ideas for possible futures: meetings, discussions, enthusiasm and at the end the idea that B&A could become something real.

Gabriele Cavazzano

I am an architect always ready for a new journey. My office is up in my mac, an internet connection, a good coffee and in a stimulating company to work with!

Andrea Zanchettin

Curious and architect, I try to do my job pushing the limits of discipline. To me, B&A is an experiment, an adventure, an instrument of positive contamination.

Valerio Vendrame

I’m just a lazy bookaholic drummer bicyclelover webenthusiastic.

Anna Pontel

art and textures. I’ve been the guest artist of B&A in the festival of AFSNIT I 2013 in Copenhagen. For that happening, I took with me the White Mother Bear able to generate new sense in different spaces.

VoVo was developed with the valuable contribution of Tommaso Morbiato, engineer and visionary

Main suppliers:



Camera di Commercio di Venezia

B&A is realized with the contributions of the Bando Quadro 2014 – “Percorsi Creativi” of the Camera di Commercio di Venezia.