Short Guide for a new B&A


  • How can I reach your City? Indicate the nearest airports and train stations. Suggest the cheapest and fastest public transport and the time to reach your city by car from major surrounding cities.


  • Do you know any network of people engaged in culture, art or urban renewal? (associations, informal groups, foundations, etc.)

The place

Do you own / know of an empty or unused Space? Do you own or do you know of a commercial Space that needs new Energies?

  • Has your space a good access to a public street? Is it visible from a public street?
  • Is your space available and sure? Try to define what it needs to be done to turn it accessible to the public.
  • Are there toilets in your space? Heating or cooling (if necessary)? Is there electrical equipment, fire risks, and Internet Access?

Do You need help? Contact us.

Propose us your own Idea for B&A. We can develope it in a new Opportunity for Traveling Artists.

Send us some information to help You open the next B&A:

  • A short description of the space;
  • Pictures of the indoor and outdoor Spaces;
  • A map with the dimensions of the place;