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B&A + Segnoperenne: Synergies

Presentation of the Artist in Residence Project for Marghera in collaboration with Segnoperenne + Gaetano Salerno during the Event called Openstudios #2.
As a firs sign of the project we’ve installed VoVo all’interno del Magazzino Bruno, the atelier of Paola Volpato (our gentle host for the event) in synergy with Michele Tombolini, Fabrizio Vatta, Tiziano G Guzzetta, and Franz Cimitan of Officina 15.

B&A + Segnoperenne: Synergies

Diego Landi, photographer, gave us his personal sight on the Event:

B&A landing to Marghera

B&A is landing to Marghera . Venice

Segnoperenne invited B&A to explore the other side of Venice.

Marghera for a very long time was the industrial  and productive soul of Veneto area: workers, chemistry, job, oil, pollution.

In the last decades Marghera is in a precarious balance: closed spaces, projects, unused places, opportunity.

And we’ve got an idea for that…


in Kamera . “After the gold rush” a Temporary Installation

in Kamera . “After the gold rush” . a Venetian retirement station of a fictitious New York cabbie

A portrait of Venice in many parts
A time (& space) capsule
A Cornell box to step inside of
A shadow box for not only solo explorers
An absurd and useless column
A mise-en-scène for more than one stranger
An existential stage revisited without a mother
An inside out-house

Matthew Talbot-Kelly with the Community of la Casa dell’Ospitalità in Venice + Daniela Rosi + Glossom + Cooperativa Sociale La Gagiandra

The Artist in Residence: Marta’s sight

The arrival of Matthew Talbot-Kelly at the Casa dell’Ospitalità in Venice, was celebrated by a small group of friends and supporters of the project, as well as the rich community living in this area of the city.

Marta, photographer and video-maker, show us some special details of the personal object’s collection that Matthew took to us from Canada, the country where he passed a  large part of his life and where he grew up professionally and as an artist.

Marta gave us some pictures in which is evident the surprise and the curiosity generated by “Alterity for Art”. The creativity of Matthew is the undisputed star of the night!

VoVo at the House

A trip is always a rich and fascinating experience.

VoVo has traveled by truck and then in a boat in around Venice to land to Sant’Alvise, at the House of Hospitality. VoVo’s first Home is a very special House!

The installation involved a team cheerful and curious, B&A with Gabriele and Andrea (+ family), Gabriele and Sergio social workers at the House of Hospitality, guests of the House who have helped in the set up and gave us a demonstration of what Hospitality means!

Vovo is now ready to host Matthew Talbot-Kelly, the artist in residence for “Alterity for Art“, the opencall organized with the support of the Glossom and the Social Cooperative la Gagiandra.

VoVo at the House of Hospitality has already created  new relationship in the crew of Alterity for Art,  amazement  and curiosity.


Alterity for Art . Set up of the “VoVo”


In September we work at the set up of the VoVo, to be ready for our first Special Event of B&A.

#bedandartspecialevent #vovo #alteritiyforart

From the 12th of the 13th of September we’ll install the VoVo at the Casa dell’Ospitalità in Venice.

VoVo will host the artist selected for our first Artist in Residence in Sant’Alvise . Venice.

Alterity for Art . Alterity for Venice

Dettaglio 1 Dettaglio 2 Dettaglio 3

During our first Special Event in Venice, we’ll install the VoVo: a House in the House for the Artist in Residence.


The room where it will be installed, has the right measures of the VoVo and with his presence in the room it will chenge the perception of the place.

In the same way,  guest among guests,  the artist will change the balances of the local community.

Alterity for Art . Alterity for Venice

Casa 3 Casa 4