B&A proposes and shares good practices of reuse of abandoned spaces by the creativity of art; it’s especially oriented to give a new life to unused shops in the historic centers of italian and european cities that can be upcycled as low cost residences and ateliers for artists.

From Art, new Energy for our Cities.

B&A is an opportunity to propose a new social value for the city: it’s a place of integration between young traveling artists and the local communities.

B&A is a space where to share “beauty” and a way to make our cities a better place.

B&A will appeal to all kinds of artists, keen on meeting a new audience in the local communities of art lovers who support the project.

  • Propose your project to be developed in one of the available ateliers and reserve it for the time you’ll need to develop it.
  • Every B&A can propose special projects to the travelling artists of the community and then define how to manage the hospitality.

B&A is evolving and grows around the people who want to collaborate on the project. Our team.