For Whom


Are you an Emerging Traveling Artist?

  • Find an affordable temporary Lab and a Pop-up House in the Network of B&A
  • Meet Communities of Art Lovers that will support your own Art Projects.
  • Join our Community of Traveling Artists.

Do you own / know of an unused space?

  • Transform your own Space in a Place to keep Art alive
  • Get a little Income by involving the Energy of Art.
  • Join the international Projects of B&A

Keep the City alive

  • Create a Pace of Integration and a new Chance to disused Parts of the City.
  • A new Value to your Neighborhood: get new Energies from Art and Creativity.
  • Do you want to join the Network of B&A but you don’t have the right Space? Let’s try to find the right Opportunity together


Choose your right place!


Transform an unusefull place in a atelier for traveling artists


Have you an unusefull place and you’re looking for an good idea to transform it in a workshop for artists?
Maybe we can help you

  • Have you a place or a shop and you’re looking for the opportunity to add energy, creativity and help your business?
  • The community of B&A may suggest some good idea to you

VoVo è lo strumento generatore per dare nuova vita agli spazi B&A. Vovo è spazio per la creatività: atelier, palcoscenico, galleria d’arte, spazio d’incontro e condivisione.
Vovo è uno spazio dedicato all’artista in viaggio: camera, spazio intimo e riservato.
È un oggetto di design e un allestimento temporaneo adattabile a tutti i contesti, economico e installabile seguendo le nostre istruzioni.

Help to grow up the community of B&A

  • Do you work in culture or art? The community of B&A is ready to welcome your projects.
  • Art and creativity can need the support of your local community.B&A, at the moment, is active in Venice city and we’re looking for new partners.
  • Try to make a new B&A in your city: Begin